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Online Essay Grader to Level up the Quality of Your Writing

What Can You Do with an Online Essay Grader?

A professional-grade free essay grading online tool helps correct my essay online free of charge, which is very handy for the low-income professions, especially for the students. You can perform the following activities through a great essay revisor and grader.


Proper use of grammar and the right spelling and punctuation help you enhance the quality of your thesis. A grammar checker for essay helps you find out the punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and formatting mistakes and offers you guidelines and suggestions to correct those mistakes online.


A quality essay correction online would help you improve numerous components of good writing such as spelling, formats, punctuations, paragraph structures, plagiarism, grammar. All these corrected by the essay checker and corrector free tool will add to improve the overall quality of the essay significantly.


With the help of a great essay grader free online tool, you can check any kind of plagiarism in the content easily. This helps you make your writings plagiarism free and unique ones. Writing a unique essay is the key objective of any research paper as well as any other piece of content in numerous fields of education.

What Is Essay Grading?

A professional easy is characterized by the 3 core components – thesis statement, supportive arguments, and grammar and formatting rules. Your paper will not achieve good scores if any one of the above-mentioned features is missed. Let’s help you with how to level up your professional essay with the help of using an online essay grader for students and other professionals.
Essay grading is a process of checking and awarding scores to the research work and writing skills of the researcher on its piece of writing. The process of checking for every field of science, art, and technology is a little bit different based on the requirements of that particular field but the core principle to grade my essay is the same. Grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and format of the report play a very vital role to rate my college essay perfectly.

Top 6 Features of Essay Checker and Grader

A powerful and automatic essay grader free tool whether it is a GRE essay grader or an SAT essay grader should have numerous features that help enhance the quality of an essay or a research thesis. The top 6 of those salient features are mentioned below.


A professional college essay grader should have capabilities of checking all types of papers such as business, scientific, social, engineering, economics, environment, and others. It should also support different niches of papers such as thesis, essay, dissertation, research paper, planning docs, and others.


The interface of the online tools should be so simple and intuitive that any new user who wants to use the essay grader tool can do it without any third-party help. The website should be so attractive and simple to proofread my essay online without any difficulty.


The process of using an online grader and spelling checker should be so simple, intuitive, and straightforward. The terms of using the tool should not be so complex that people shy away from using it. Just a couple of steps should involve to revise essay online free of charge.


Checking for mistakes is the first step, but correcting the mistake is a very important step. A learner may not have enough knowledge of correcting the mistakes independently. So, a good essay grader should offer corrective suggestions to fix my essay online free of any charges.


Any online tools should be always available without any interruption. The availability of service should be the core feature of a professional-level online essay grader. A 24×7 availability creates trust and user satisfaction in the users of the spell-checking tool.


All modern platforms should be so supportive in terms of understanding the behavior of the user, nature of work, and objective of the tasks. This can only be achieved by using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the software tools. This capability helps in creating predictive help and reducing mistakes in the future.

The Process to Check Your Essay for Grammar Mistakes

The process of checking grammar and spelling mistakes in an online essay grader should be very short and simple. The main steps of an online essay checker are mentioned below.


A good interface of an online essay checker offers a paper checking field at a prominent place on the landing page for pasting the copied text. Almost, all essay checkers also offer options to upload the desired writing via the upload navigation button.


The second step of an online essay checker is to run the tool for spelling, grammar, and other mistakes in the desired essay. Normally, a click or hitting of the return button completes this step. The automatic tool checks the entire text in a very short period.


The third step of the essay checker tool is reviewing and fixing the mistakes. Every mistake is underlined in different colors. A big mistake is underlined with the red color and the colors for the other mistakes may vary from tool to tool. Click the underlined world, the suggestions for corrections appear. If you feel that as the right option, click to replace or you can make changes as per your own choice.

Why to Use an Online Essay Corrector?

Using an online essay corrector has become one of the major trends in the field of education during the past few years. A large number of online essay graders for schools, colleges, and other exams have emerged in the marketplace. You can choose one of the most popular and feature-rich essay checker tools and use them.
Finding the right essay checker is a complex and tricky process, but once you choose the right tools for essay checkers, you make your essay checking work so simple, productive, and easy.


Take the following steps to avail the services of an online essay revisor tool:
– Search through Google for a good essay checker tool
– Short the most useful and feature-rich tool
– Finalize the one to use for your essay correction
– Create your account with the online grammar checker tool
– Use the tools for free
– Some tools offer advanced features for paid subscriptions. Choose the suitable price plan for paid essay grading advanced features
– Enjoy the advanced features


There are numerous reasons for using a professional-grade online essay checker tool. A few very important ones are listed below:
– Automated essay revisor tools save a lot of time as compared to manual checking of the same
– Automated checking of mistakes has reduced chances of missing out on any fault
– Offers a comprehensive solution consisting of finding grammatical, punctuation, spelling, plagiarism, and other mistakes in one single place
– Helps to create a highly professional essay by providing numerous corrective suggestions
– Many online spell checkers and essay correcting tools offer highly professional support and services to enhance the quality of work
– Helps develop a plagiarism deterrence by catching the plagiarism instantly
– It is free from any kind of bias or favoritism
–  The power of artificial intelligence helps you avoid future mistakes easily
– Improves your writing and research skills by providing suggestions and new ideas

Types of Commonly Used Essays and Their Main Points to Check

The most commonly used categories of essays are classified into four major categories. Those four categories are defined in terms of the nature of the essay in a broader perspective. As many as 17 other subcategories within those four major categories have also been identified in the field of education. Those 4 major categories of essay writing are mentioned below.


– Telling the real-life experience in the form story
– Should be very simple and easy to understand the story
– Should be interesting to listen and learn from
– Mostly they are written in the first-person narration
– Involves a personal statement or conclusion at the end of the essay
– In this type of essay, the facts are added from the writer’s perspective
– A narrative essay should have a clear subject or character to write about
– There should be a clear plot and all components of a story like a climax, resolution, action, etc.
– This form of writing is applicable to both fiction and non-fiction writing


– This is very close to the narrative type of essay writing in which the core concept and understanding of the subject is achieved by the personal analysis and detailed observations
– Choosing a subject should be a matter of personal interest to explore and observe it
– A detailed personal observation for that particular subject is necessary for writing a descriptive essay
– This essay should not be influenced by personal liking and disliking but should be purely based on the facts, impartial observations, and analysis.
– Should include observations of all aspects related to the subject


– In this type of essay writing, the writer does a very balanced analysis of the subject of the writing.
– Different types of essays like contrast, comparative, and procedural essays also include in this category
– The exploration and explanation of the subject should be based on the examples, statistics, and historical facts
– This type of essay should be free from personal bias or feeling at all


– Should be based on the objective of making the readers agree
– The writer uses different ways to prove his point of view so that reader agrees with him/her
– A professional persuasive essay should be based on the strong logic, facts, reasoning, and opinions generated by domain experts
– Should be very clear and informative to accept

Why Choose Essay Fixer Online over Manual Checking?

There are many benefits to choose essay fixers online over manual checking of an essay. A few of those major benefits of using an online essay checker are listed below:
– An online essay checking automatic tool offers you access to a large database for checking the plagiarism of your content.
– Using an online spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker is becoming a fundamental part of every modern writing
– You can check the mistakes and flaws in your writing instantly without any help from your professor, teacher, or guide at all
– It is a highly cost-efficient solution for all types of writers dealing in different fields of education, business, and technologies
– Using online essay grading tools helps you learn and improve your writing skills for future projects extensively
– It introduces your writing skills with the power of artificial intelligence to avoid major mistakes in the future
– Helps you achieve better grades in different exams and business tasks

If you are looking for making your essay more professional and polished to perfection, try our online essay grader!