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An essay is a piece of writing with a defined purpose or topic and can come in many forms. An essay is a great way to evaluate a student or a writer’s literary capabilities and understanding. Because it is an evaluation tool, revision and editing is an essential step in writing your essays.  

Proofreading and revision can be as time-consuming as writing the actual essay. You can always go the traditional route and do it yourself. This way can be full of overlooked errors and structural issues. Addressing these issues is the free automatic essay grader sites and tools to ease and streamline this entire process for you!

essay checker and fixer for different essay types

All About Narrative Essay Checker

The content of a narrative essay tells a story, often about a personal experience or a recounting of a tale, and has more room for creativity and personal annotations. The main feature of narrative essays is that they highlight your writing and storytelling ability. 

To make your narrative essay stand out, you’ll need to:

  • Choose a specific topic. If given a prompt, choose a topic that emphasizes the prompt.
  • Frame your content around your topic and its purpose.
  • Use clear and understandable language in your essay. Use language that evokes emotion and engages the senses.
  • If intended as a story, ensure all parts of a story are accounted for.
  • Be organized in your content. Set the overall tone of your essay. Start with a strong introduction and end with a clear ending.

A free essay grader online can serve as your narrative essay checker and help you by dealing with the minutia. A narrative essay checker can help you straighten out grammar, punctuation, spelling, tone, and so much more! With this tool, you can focus more on spinning that great narrative essay!

Revising and Editing Expository Essay

A more scientific approach is needed in writing an expository essay. You gather sources and evaluate evidence that is either in support or opposition to that idea. You then expound on the concept and present your arguments and assumptions. You can use different styles in presenting your findings – such as compare and contrast, definition, cause and effect analysis, etc.

Revising and editing expository essay requires you to identify:

  1. A clearly defined thesis statement in the opening paragraph or introduction.
  2. Logical flow from the introduction or thesis paragraph, the supporting body, and the conclusion.
  3. A content body that highlights and expounds on supporting evidence of the thesis statement.
  4. Verifiable and factual supporting information.
  5. A conclusion that revisits the thesis, but with a summary of the supporting body.

Creativity is also highly appreciated! It takes creativity to make supporting arguments, facts, and statistics less formulaic and more engaging for the readers. 

How to Fix My Essay Persuasive Tone Online?

As the name suggests, a persuasive essay is written to persuade or convince its readers of the writer’s stance on a chosen topic. The writer establishes a stance on an issue, then proceeds to elaborate and argue for that chosen stance. Use your information-based arguments and narrative to convince your readers that your stance is correct and that the opposition is wrong.

Looking for a free automatic essay grader that can help fix my essay persuasive arguments and content? Our essay grader online tools can aid you in improving your grammar, punctuation, structure, and tone.  With our free automatic essay grader, you will be able to focus more on formulating more convincing arguments to persuade your readers. 

Wrangling an Argumentative Essay Checker

More often assigned as an entire project, an argumentative essay requires substantial preparation, research, supplemental information. Significant effort goes into gathering relevant data from published research materials. You may also need to conduct your own empirical study to collect and support your chosen topic.

What sets an argumentative essay apart is the sheer amount of verifiable data that goes into establishing and supporting your position on a topic. An argumentative essay must have a clear thesis, a reliable support body, and has sound reasoning. An essay grader free online can serve as an argumentative essay checker for you. The tool can help you handler the otherwise time-consuming work of grammar and spell checking your essay. That is less time spent on correcting your content and more time on making your evidenced-based arguments!

What Makes Up a Descriptive Essay Checker

A descriptive essay expresses in detail the attributes of something – be it a person, concept, object, place, experience, situation, etc. This essay relies on your creativity and ability to paint a picture of your subject. A descriptive essay gives you more freedom in expressing your thoughts and ideas, as long as these stay true to the chosen topic. The goal of a descriptive essay is to have your reader be able to vividly picture what it is you are trying to describe.

A descriptive essay checker will help you choose a robust vocabulary to enhance your content and make your descriptions more vibrant and expressive. Using a descriptive essay checker can help you make a more detailed and in-depth description of your topic.

Get Yourself An Academic Paper Grammar Checker

The core functionalities of an outstanding academic paper grammar checker are:

online essay grader features
  1. Grammar, spelling, and paper punctuation check
  2. Content structure guides and suggestions
  3. Detects plagiarism and provides paraphrasing suggestions
  4. Equipped with vocabulary checkers

Aside from the core functionalities, you also need to look for these qualities when looking for an academic paper grammar checker or free paper checker for sentence structure and tone:

  • It’s free of charge! (Or at the very least, cheap…)
  • Has a user-friendly and convenient user interface
  • It should have the core grammar correction tools
  • It should be accurate in its correction and suggestions

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