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Common Writing Mistakes: College Edition

No matter the age or level of education, everyone is prone to mistakes when writing essays and papers. Automatic English paper grader tools and college-level grammar fix tasks address several recurring and common mistakes.  


Among the most common punctuation issues are comma splices and misused semicolons. Comma splices happen when a comma is placed in between independent clauses that are not connected by coordinating conjunction. 

Semicolons function as part comma and part period. Semicolons are used to separate 2 independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction or separate a series of phrases with commas. Semicolons, with a conjunctive adverb, join 2 independent clauses. Despite its limited and specific parameters for use, semicolons are often overused in written content.  

Grammar and Spelling

A sentence fragment is a fragment or subset of a sentence treated as a standalone sentence. This can easily be fixed by using the appropriate punctuation to connect the sentence fragments.

Incorrect subject-verb agreements are also easy to correct. Verbs take the format of the subject; singular subjects have singular verbs, and plural subjects have plural verbs. Aside from subject-verb agreements, modifiers are also common grammatical errors. Modifiers need to appear close to the word it is modifying, else the sentence sounds funny and weird.


The structure covers the logic, flow, and transition from one paragraph or sentence to the next. A lack of parallel sentence structure happens when sentence ideas and the details that follow it do not match in construction. To fix this, ensure that ideas and their details work have parallel structure. 

We also need to use the appropriate words in sentences. Double-check their meaning, and ensure that they fit the thought of the sentence. Also, being too wordy does not help convey ideas better. Re-read sentences, the words used and overall thought. Be clear and to the point in sentences.  

Tips to Fix My Grammar Online Free 

I need to expedite the process of correcting any mistakes and edit my college essay free of charge. Therefore, I will need to proofread my college essay using an academic paper grammar checker. There are several essential steps I need to accomplish to proofread my college essay.

Grammar Checker Tips

A grammar and spelling check is among the first steps to correcting any writing mistakes. Grammar and spelling are not that difficult to correct, especially if there is word processing software to automatically check content for such errors. 

A free essay fixer online can go through a document in minutes and spot grammatical errors, inconsistent tenses, misspelled words, and other grammar and spelling issues. A free essay fixer and automatic English paper grader do the heavy work and save time and effort in doing a grammar and spelling check.   

Revising Punctuation Tips

Punctuation can also be something that is easily overlooked and can cause an essay to have a low grade. Something as simple as a misplaced period or a comma, and the misuse of semicolons can ruin the flow and logic of an essay. Incorrect punctuation is also easily overlooked when proofreading and revising content.

An essay corrector tool also automates the correction of problematic punctuation. Aside from grammatical and spelling errors, these automatic English paper grader tools also automate punctuation checks on any essay. 

Improving Essay Structure

The basic structure of an essay includes an introduction, a supporting body, then a conclusion to wrap up the discussion. There needs to be a clear flow of information and a seamless transition from one part to another. 

A college paper grader and fixer tool will help identify basic structural errors. Though this will not fix the logic and flow of the content, an automatic English paper grader will help identify areas that need improvement.

College Paper Grader and Checker 

A college paper checker helps students with their college-level grammar fixes and spelling checks. They have built-in tools to identify grammar and spelling issues and provide possible corrections to improve content. They also help spot punctuation and sentence construction issues and fix my grammar online free.

Fix My College Essay with College Paper Grader Tools

Aside from using a college essay grammar checker to help me edit my paper for free, what would I need to do to fix my college essay? 

tips on how fix my college essay

Read It Out Loud

It will help us internalize and understand the content better. We get to say each word and hear how words flow together. Only reading it runs the risk of skipping over errors and words. We also may make unconscious corrections that do not help the content.

Have a Systematic Approach

Establish order and do one thing at a time. Decide the order of things to check in the essay and focus on completing the task one at a time.  Checking for too many things risks overlooking a significant number of errors. It’s much more efficient and manageable to focus on correcting one type of problem at a time.

Check Content Flow

Take the time to understand the structure and flow of the content. Does it follow the basic structure of an essay? Are the ideas clear and understandable? Is there a clear beginning and end to the content? Does the content transition well from one sentence and thought to another?

Evaluate Tone and Voice

Check the consistency of the tone. Are the tone and message being portrayed consistently throughout the essay? Does the tone match the message and ideas presented in the content of the essay?

Automate When Possible

If I were a student and anyone writing an essay, I should use a free college essay grader to proofread my college essay whenever I can. Automating spelling and grammar checking helps me proofread my college essay. It will reduce the time it takes to proofread and revise my essay.

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