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Why Check My Paper for Grammar Errors and Typos

In a time where we create and/or consume so much content – blogs, tweets, emails, DMs, texts, etc., the quality of content is essential. Which why proofreading your content matters.

Proofreading ensures that you have quality content to share. Quality content attracts and can sustain readers’ attention. Proofreading reduces grammatical and typo errors in your content. With the massive volume of content to be consumed, don’t let a misspelled word, a missing letter, or misplaced punctuation be the reason why people don’t read or even skip over your post!

Proofreading plays a significant role in attaining that “A” on your written academic requirements. The process helps catch and correct grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling, and even structure! Our free online essay grader and fixer make it easier for you to focus on content and connecting ideas. Proofreading makes it easier to complete and submits your write-ups on time. A clean and proofread submission will make it easier for your instructor or adviser to focus on the content of your work and increasing the chances of a better grade!

Looking for a website to submit my essay to check for grammar and punctuation? There are free online essay grader and fixer sites, that will make proofreading your work easier!  

Free Online Essay Grader and Fixer

Automatic English paper grader provides you with tools to better proofread, check paper for errors, and make paper revision online easier.

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Grammar and Spelling Checker and Corrector

One of the major draws to online essay revisor and automatic English paper grader websites is the automated grammar and spelling checker and correction tools. You simply input your essay in the test area, and the site or tool will scan the contents. The website then highlights areas that need correcting (grammatical error, spelling errors, misplaced or missing letters, etc.) and provides suggestions on how best to fix them.

Built-in Thesaurus and Word Suggestions

Similar to the grammar and spelling correction tool, free online essay grader and fixer sites also have a built-in thesaurus and word alternative suggestions tool. This tool scans your content and highlights redundant and less fitting terms or phrases, then provides suggestions on better alternatives. If you’re having to repeat phrases like “ very ___ ” “to be able” “many” “big” and others, the built-in thesaurus will give you a list of options to substitute for these words and phrases. This makes for more robust content.

Develop and Achieve Content Metrics

Several essay revisor and essay grader online tools allow users to set content review metrics. These metrics are what the system will use to evaluate the quality of your essay content. Metrics such as:

  • Tone
  • Intended audience iIs it formal or informal?)
  • Domain (is it for academic, creative, business, or just casual content?), and 
  • Intent (are you informing, describing, or convincing your audience?)

There are established structure, grammar, and style for each metric that the system uses in evaluating your content to your set goals. This allows you to improve your content according to your set goals.

Access to Personal Proofreader

On top of the tools that enhance your content, online essay revisor tools allow you to connect with remote proofreaders in their system. Working with remote proofreaders enables you to improve your content and idea presentation with human intervention, through advice, and actual literary enhancements. They get into the meat of your content and go beyond suggesting possible sentence or paragraph changes that would be better for your essay and actually implement them.

Demand for Essay Grader Online

Due to its vast applicability and vast audience, there are numerous essay revisor, paper graders, and grammar correction sites, tools, and apps available in the market. Essay grader online tools are highly applicable to any field, industry, and work. As long as the job or deliverable needs written content, you can use any essay grader online! Google Play Store and iOS App Store even have numerous mobile apps dedicated to correcting and improving grammar, spelling, and overall content for mobile and tablet devices.

Should I Proofread My Own Work?

With so many options for free online essay grader and fixer websites and tools, it might be a bit daunting to start. And who better to judge your writing than you, yourself, right? When we review and revise our own, we tend to overlook several grammatical and structural errors. It is most helpful to use automatic English paper grader and essay revisor sites like an online essay grader, to minimize, if not get rid of, these issues.

automatic english paper grader features

Using such tools does not belittle your proofreading skills. Instead, they offer automated, quality, and accessible proofreading tools to make revising essays and content more efficient and effective.

Who Can Use Essay Revisor Online

As we’ve mentioned, as long as you have content that needs revision, you can use an automatic English paper grader online. Are you:

  • Looking for a free paper grader for students to check paper for errors?
  • Searching for a website to submit my essay to check for grammar and punctuation?
  • In a rush to check my paper for grammar and fix my essay errors free online?
  • Finishing up an assignment and need to revise my essay online for free?

Our online essay grader has the tools to make proofreading and revising essays and write-ups more efficient and effective for you! From academic papers, assignments, essays, blog posts, dissertations, manuals, and others, we can help you with your essay revisor needs. With our tools, your content will be free of grammatical, spelling, and structural errors! 

Try our free online essay grader and fixer! We make your essays and other content great again!