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Take Mark Twain as an example. The acclaimed author, and former newspaper reporter, understood the challenges of proofreading your work. He states that it is like reading the same thoughts that went into writing the content, with the same gaps and faults that you had before. 

Online paper corrector, essay grammar corrector, and essay punctuation corrector sites serve to help lighten the editing process for us. These do not replace people or our skills, instead, they provide tools that handle the more formulaic process and standard content correction attributes more convenient to implement. Online essay checker and grader sites, combined with the best practices for proofreading content, makes editing and revising so much easier and effective!

Best Practices for Fixing Your Essay

fixing your essay best practices

Plan and prepare yourself and your tools

Plan your work before you even start writing your essay or content. Give yourself enough time before any deadline to sit and go through your essays. Assume and accept that there will be mistakes in your writing, which is why drafts are a thing. Also, prepare yourself for the work that will go into proofreading your content. You will need patience, concentration, time, and focus to finish successfully.

Check for consistency

The details of your essay and the overall feel, tone, and purpose of your content are relevant. All the details of your essay need to align with its purpose. And the tone with which you write out your content needs to be consistent all throughout. A consistent tone to your essay ensures that your readers will have a clear understanding of what you want to convey. This clarity engages your readers and makes them more interested in your content.

Improve your vocabulary and word choices

Use a dictionary and a thesaurus to expand the vocabulary that you use in your essays. It’s better to use words that have similar meanings than redundantly using a limited set of words. But keep it simple! Substitute with simpler and more understandable terms. Do not use high falutin words when you can convey your thought and be consistent in tone using simple words.

Be factual when you need to be

Use data and information that is verifiable and backed by credible sources. When you are revising or proofreading your essay, ensure that the information or data used are cited from credible sources, and are used appropriately. Academic, established websites, articles, or blog posts published by established media are reliable sources.

Automate your process

Use convenient tools to make the entire process easier! There are numerous free automatic essay grader sites and applications that can be used to automate most of the things that you need to check when revising. These free automatic essay grader sites have built-in essay grammar corrector and message punctuation corrector tools that automate grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction. They also have tools to check vocabulary and tone! These tools automate the more tedious aspects of how to edit essays online and make the entire process more convenient.

How to Revise and Edit an Essay

Double-check your grammar

When you are writing or correcting the small details like grammar, punctuation, or spelling, focus only on those. How to check the grammar of an essay? On your own, you would need to go through your content in detail. Check each sentence for misused words and phrases. Do not let misplaced punctuation, wrongly used word, or faulty sentence structure be your downfall!

Revisit your spelling

Again, it is the small things that make an impact. Sometimes we tend to rush our writing and misspell a couple of words, which messes with the flow of our content. You need to go through your writing in detail and look at the individual spelling. For convenience, use an essay checker and grader! It has built-in grammar and spelling checker tools to makes this process less painful.   

Use a dictionary (and a thesaurus)

Expand your vocabulary! Try not to be redundant with your words, and instead use similar terms that convey the same information or tone that you are going for! The quality of your vocabulary indicates your literary skills and knowledge. Be smart in your writing!

Be consistent

You should correct your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and the other minutiae of your content. You also need to be consistent with your overall tone and tenses. Establish a purpose for your essay and ensure that how you write and structure your content align with that purpose. This makes your essay cohesive and clear in the message it intends to convey.

tips on how to revise your essay

Student Demand for Essay Checker and Grader

It is understood that essays are one of the cornerstones that hold up your academic performance. They are a way for teachers to evaluate their students’ learning and understanding of the subject and showcase the writing and literary skills of their students.

With essay punctuation corrector and essay grammar corrector features on essay grader free online sites, teachers have a free paper grader for students to access. If I was a student, I would be able to learn how to edit essay online and rate my paper free of charge using these sites. It is more convenient for me to edit my paper online for free, than work on it by myself. And if I was a teacher, I will be equipped with a free automatic essay grader to check my students’ papers.

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