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It has always been a very tough task for the students, especially those who use English as a foreign language to find grammar errors in paragraph to make their papers attractive and professional. But, with the advent of modern online tools for the online paragraph editing purpose, the task of finding and fixing grammar mistakes has become so simple and easy for students as well as for all types of writers across the industries.

Let’s explore why to care about the grammar checking in writings, common mistakes made by the students, and how to improve your writing through a free grammar and punctuation corrector tool online, in this article.

Why Should You Mind Paragraph Grammar Correction in Your Writing?

The written communication plays a very vital role in knowledge sharing, business communication, academic research, and many other domains. So, you should spell check paragraph of your written text properly because the correct paragraphs play a pivotal role in making your writing more effective, attractive, and impressive and help achieve the desired objectives or purposes of the writing.

There are numerous reasons to mind the paragraph grammar correction in your professional writing. The main reasons for taking proper care about correcting the grammatical mistakes in the paragraphs of your writing are listed below:

reasons to mind paragraph grammar correction
  • To increase the marks in exams for students
  • Grammar improves effectiveness of the writing
  • Increases the reputation of writing among colleagues
  • Readers give more attention while reading error-free texts
  • Presentation of the right and meaningful message to the audience
  • Better business results in corporate communication
  • Increases the chances of getting papers published in reputed journals 

Ultimate Guide on How to Check My Paragraph

A paragraph of text is the most fundamental component of professional writing written for whatever desired purposes. It should be free from all grammatical and other errors. Correcting grammar errors in paragraphs has numerous aspects, which should be properly considered while editing your text so that your text looks professional and attractive.

The major aspects of paragraph checking of grammatical errors in a paragraph through a specialized text corrector tool are listed below:

  • Checking the tense shifting errors within a paragraph
  • Fixing tense shifting among paragraphs
  • Correcting the flow of paragraphs
  • Fixing grammatical mistakes in a paragraph
  • Checking and removing spelling and punctuation errors
  • Checking active and passive voice misuses
  • Detection of plagiarism of the text in a paragraph, etc.

You can enhance your writing if you take care of all of the above-mentioned aspects of paragraph correction in your writing. Proper editing of a paragraph will make your writings more effective, meaningful, and impressive. You can use either a paragraph correction online tool or you can choose a manual editing service from experts to make your writings free from grammatical errors.

how paragraph should look like in terms of grammar and spelling

An ideal paragraph with professional touch will look like this:

  • Easy and simple to read
  • Conveys complete meaning to the readers
  • Properly formatted look of the paper
  • Free from grammatical errors
  • Free from any plagiarized content 
  • No active and passive voice misuses
  • No capitalization issues in titles and sentences
  • No tense shifting in paragraphs
  • Free from verb-subject disagreements, etc.

How Online Paper Corrector Helps Fix My Writing Mistakes?

Normally, a wide range of mistakes is committed by students in their respective pieces of writings. The ratio of those mistakes in writings of students who use English as a foreign language (EFL) is very large as compared to the native speakers. According to the Grammarly information, the most common writing mistakes made by students are listed below.

  • Spelling mistakes – confuse different words like write, right, rite, and other.
  • Fragments of sentences – leave sentences without dependent phrases.
  • Misuses of comma and semicolon – it happens in long and complex sentences.
  • Run-on sentences without any proper use of punctuation – multiple parts of sentences are not properly connected or separated at all.  
  • Lengthy and wordy content – use of poor verbs and improper word choice make sentences so lengthy.
  • Comma splicing in sentences – the use of proper conjunction or semicolon is missed with a comma splicing issue.
  • Subject-verb disagreements – very common issue with ESL students
  • Tense shifting in sentences and paragraphs – this mistake impacts the flow of paragraphs badly.
  • Bad use of squinting modifiers and adverbs – The use of adverbs as a squinting modifier is a big writing problem for students due to the use of it at the wrong position in the sentence.

Our text grammar checker online free tool can offer great help to the students to find and fix the above-mentioned common writing mistakes made by students. Our online writing corrector offers a wide range of error corrections and text enhancement capabilities to make your writings professional. Other than the above-mentioned mistakes, our online tool can also help you:

  • Remove plagiarism in your text
  • Detect the tone of your writing
  • Detect the flow and effectiveness of writings
  • Enhance your learning through corrective suggestions, etc.

Top 5 Reasons to Try Our Paragraph Editor

Our online paragraph editor is one of the most professional tools to check paragraph grammatical errors free of any charges online. There are many other features and capabilities that make our online tool stand out from the competitors in the marketplace.

The top 5 salient reasons to use our online paragraph correction online tool are mentioned below.

#1. A wide range of features

The most important reason for using our online tool for correcting the grammatical mistakes in paragraphs is the wide range of features and capabilities that are offered by our online tool. The main features and capabilities of our professional-level word choice checker online tool such as title corrections, capitalization, and others. 

#2. High level of accuracy

Our online tool is one of those tools that offer a very high level of accuracy in error detection of the text. The specialized input from the linguistic experts and grammaticians has been professionally incorporated into our online platform to produce the best and detailed-oriented algorithms to consider all aspects of error corrections to make the results significantly acceptable.

#3. Use of modern technologies

The cutting-edge software technologies, artificial intelligence, and data analytics have been implemented into our professional tool to make it one of the most powerful tools that can enhance the user experience to a new height. The implementation of modern linguistic techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) and other learning strategies are also implemented into our online tool.

#4. Easy and intuitive to use

Our online tool is very simple, easy, and intuitive to use. It has a very simple interface to input your paragraph to check for a wide range of mistakes and correct them accordingly. The procedure to correct the errors in the paragraph is very simple too.

#5. Higher availability

Our online tool is powered by cloud computing technology. It can be accessed through a wide range of supported browsers from anywhere across the world. It is available round the clock 24×7. The uptime of our online tool is much higher as compared to many others. You can access it at any time without any queue and get your text checked and corrected instantly.

How Does Online Sentence Fixer Work?

Working with our online sentence fixer is so simple and easy. You need to take the following few steps to check your text for finding and fixing numerous types of grammatical and other errors in your text.

  1. Copy the text that you want to check for grammatical errors and paste it into the gadget of our online tool
  2. Click the “check my paper free” button. Our tool automatically checks the text for mistakes and underlines the mistakes.
  3. Click the underlined word. The correction options will appear
  4. Choose the right option to correct the mistake. Repeat the same process for other mistakes too
  5. You are done!

If you want to make your papers free from grammatical mistakes, check your paragraph through our professional-level paragraph checker online tool right away!